Dents Away - Did not fix dents.Cracked Paint.Drilled Holes

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Dents Away in Memphis, Tn repairs dents with the paint less method.I had a few dings in my new Honda.

I waited in their lobby while they repaired my car. When they brought it around to me after they said it was fixed, I could still see the dent only half way out and the paint was cracked.They still charged me full price. Later I noticed several large holes were drilled in my door jambs. I was not happy and would not recommend this company and now the holes they drilled are rusted.

Not cool Not Happy.Don't go

Review about: Paintless Dent Repair.


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I am sorry you are not satisfied with our work.

This is the first we are hearing about this and it comes as a surprise. We will not attempt to repair a dent if we are not certain it can be dramatically improved. If we feel we can improve it somewhat, not a 100% repair, then we will make it known in writing before work is ever preformed. That is the case sometimes as some dents are beyond paintless dent repair but it is still a cheaper alternative to a body shop.

If you are able to please bring your car to us so we can see what was done and see if there is anything we can do to correct it.

Sorry for the trouble, you can call me directly.

Eric Shelton (901)619-0958

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